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Thursday, November 22, 2007

Medical Transcription Jobs in Bangalore

Visit the List of Medical Transcription Companies in Bangalore

These are some of the companies currently recruiting Transcription professionals in Bangalore. Candidates are advised to check the credentials of companies before applying.

Focus Infosys has openings for MTs, Sr. MTs, Executive MTs, IMTs, Direct uploaders, Proofers, Sr. Proofers, Editors, QAs, QCs, and HTs. Positions are available in Bangalore (3 branches), Coimbatore, Chennai (2 branches), and Hyderabad. For more details visit

Ascott in Jayanagar 3rd Block requires experienced MTs. Call 97405-12970, 080-26641381.

Ilinkindia Technologies in JP Nagar 6th Phase requires experienced MTs and proofers. Call 99001-44977, 080-26640464.

Shyamala Systems in Jayanagar requires experienced MTs. Call: 99720-97244.

Ajaxdotcom (P) Ltd. in RT Nagar, Bangalore, requires MTs and Editors. Call: 080-23535156/080-23634881. E-mail:
For openings in Mangalore, call: 0824-4267921. E-mail:

E-Shadows requires HBTs, MTs, Proofers, QAs. Contact: 99006-5151515, 99016-22668, 97404-99119

Besure Transcription Services in RT Nagar, Bangalore, requires experienced MTs. Call: 94483-11725.

More jobs next time...


Viola said...

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Bhanumathy said...

Also please let us know about companies recruiting freshers for MTs, OJTs, and home transcriptions. Thank you.

Viola said...

Thank you for sharing such a nice information regarding medical transcription, Medical Transcription Services rising in recent years and there are many fields of medical transcription Orthopedics Transcription, Dermatology Transcription, Geriatrics Transcription,Pediatrics Transcription etc. According to one medical survey report, it has been observed that the demands of Medical Transcription Firms are increasing at a rapid rate. Most of the people are having much knowledge about these Medical Transaction services and in simple terms, these services are the process of transcribing the dictated medical recording

venugopalarao said...

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total said...

The Medical Transcription services is an interaction between the healthcare provider and the Insurance Company. This is such a nice blog for medical transcriptions.Here i have got various useful information about Medical Transcription services

robin said...

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Medical Transcription Services Company UK said...

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Anonymous said...

MT industry has saturated almost with advent of E-Scription and electronic medical records and company takeover, healthscribe which was forefront almost perished
salaries have come down and accuracy now expected out is 99.5%.
Ex. Focus is offering 15+ Sal for 30,000 lines for 100% accuracy and below 98% there is reduction for which u will get around 15 after so much effort.
i suggest all newcomers to think over and do thorough research coz we are underpaid for our effort and time

poojitha avanaganti said...

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